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Coffee House General Election 2017 Steerpike

John McDonnell makes his own Labour attack ad

1 May 2017

10:05 PM

1 May 2017

10:05 PM

Oh dear. With Labour currently trailing the Conservatives in the polls, the party looks set for a disastrous showing come June 8. With that in mind, Labour’s top command need to make the most of the opportunities the election campaign offers.

So, it was a curious choice of John McDonnell to speak at today’s May Day rally. The shadow chancellor joined anti-austerity campaigners for the march  through central London. However, there were some unfortunate shots of him giving his speech. Rather than a backdrop of Labour posters, communist hammer and sickle flags (along with a Syria flag used by the Assad regime) appeared in the background as he spoke:

Including a ‘viva Venezuela’ banner, just for good measure:

With the Conservative party keen to paint Corbyn’s Labour as a ragtag bunch of extreme communists, it was kind of McDonnell to do the brunt of the work for them. Watch this space for the next Tory attack advert…

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