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Coffee House General Election 2017 Steerpike

Diane Abbott exits stage left, then right

17 May 2017

2:26 PM

17 May 2017

2:26 PM

Diane Abbott isn’t having the best election campaign so far. Although her seat is safe, the shadow home secretary has come under fire for her attempts to explain Labour’s plans to put more police on the beat. So, her appearance yesterday at the Police Federation conference was bound to be testing.

After voicing her concerns on the use of spit hoods (which are designed to protect police from suspects spitting at them), Abbott was heckled by a number of attendees. She then had a slight hiccup exiting the stage — walking off only to have to return and leave by the centre exit:


Still, at least no-one asked her about her dodgy figures on LBC the other week which would have meant police officers were being hired at an annual cost of £30…

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