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Coffee House General Election 2017

Britain’s election is seriously uninspiring. Can I head to France?

2 May 2017

10:45 AM

2 May 2017

10:45 AM

I see that the polls have narrowed a bit, although I can’t see an earthly reason why they would have done so, given that Corbyn is as stupid now as he was six days ago. Except that people are perhaps feeling increasingly resentful that an election has been called at all, and dislike the arrogance and presumption behind it.

This is the Brenda from Bristol tendency (or whatever the doolally old bat was called). But also that the Labour vote is a little more steadfast than perhaps the Tories thought. I have mentioned this before – and I may well be wrong and perhaps this really is the election where the tribal sympathies deliquesce into nothing, or worse than nothing (ie a vote for Farron’s lot). But I don’t think so.

In the end this may come down to who mops up the Ukip votes, and even that isn’t as straightforward as many seem to think. My guess is that they will be split fairly evenly and that the Lib Dems will take a smallish chunk too, on the protest vote. The thing is leaving me a bit cold at the moment – if I spoke French I would go over and campaign for the Marine. Much as I would have done for Mélenchon. Here, we have no such choice.

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