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Why is Jack Monroe standing for Parliament?

29 April 2017

11:56 AM

29 April 2017

11:56 AM

I see that Jack Monroe is standing for Parliament, in the seat of Southend West. Jack is the perpetually furious, perpetually victimised, lesbian or bi or trans (hell, I dunno. It is hard to keep up) food writer who specialised in food for poor people that no poor people, or rich people, or middle income people, would ever dream of eating. Kale and tissue paper croquettes. Alfalfa with a sauce made of rope and partially digested kidney beans.

Jack is standing for the National Health Action Party. If that means she wishes to abolish it I may be with her. But I suspect it doesn’t. Jack describes herself as ‘the daughter of a nurse and a firefighter, as a former 999 operator, a severely premature baby, a disabled woman, I’m standing for our NHS’. I have no information to hand as to how she is disabled. But we all have a right to be disabled today and nobody should deny this opportunity to Ms Monroe.

I sometimes wonder if these people were invented just for the rest of us to have a good laugh.

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