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Coffee House General Election 2017

Watch: Labour supporters boo journalist at Corbyn speech

20 April 2017

11:26 AM

20 April 2017

11:26 AM

Some Labour supporters, it’s fair to say, do not like hearing hard truths. So when a journalist at Jeremy Corbyn’s first speech of the general election campaign asked about the party’s dismal support in the polls – and whether Corbyn merely spoke for an ‘Islington elite’ – there was only going to be one outcome. ITV journalist Libby Weiner’s question was met with a round of boos after she said to Corbyn:

‘Mr Corbyn, you say that you want to speak for the many not the few, but your poll ratings of something like 14 or 15 per cent suggest that very few people believe you. And you’ve attacked the elite, aren’t you effectively just part of an Islington elite that doesn’t reflect the views of people around the country?’

Mr S suspects that Corbyn’s supporters might be in for a shock come June 8th…

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