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Sadiq Khan’s speech at Sarah Sands’ leaving do – Corbyn’s plans for No 10 and Farron’s big act

26 April 2017

10:50 AM

26 April 2017

10:50 AM

Last night, politicians including Boris Johnson, Nick Clegg and Sadiq Khan put their party political differences to one side for the night as they came together to bid Sarah Sands farewell at her Evening Standard leaving do. Speaking at party at The Ned, the Mayor of London paid tribute to Sands for her work as editor at the London paper — and wished her luck in her new role as the editor of the Today programme.

However, Khan also couldn’t resist a few digs at his political rivals:

‘Tonight also gives many of us gives us a night off from the general election campaign. It means Tim Farron has a night off from pretending he has any chance of being the next Prime Minister. Theresa May has taken some time off and given Sarah Sands some advice on her departure from the Evening Standard, her pearls of wisdom were Sexit means Sexit. I’m told Paul Nuttall is here, I haven’t seen him. Can someone check he’s not hiding in the room somewhere at the back? I’m told there are some journalists in the building.’

… including one at the expense of the leader of his own party:

‘Jeremy Corbyn is looking forward to being the next Prime Minister. I’m afraid the officials at No 10 are less keen so can I scotch a rumour that Jeremy intends to turn the rose garden into an allotment.’

Alas, Khan wasn’t able to find the time to fit in any warm words for Sands’ successor, George Osborne. Surely an innocent oversight?

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