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Revealed: Labour party’s ‘wellbeing day’ scrapped as staff told to cancel holidays

20 April 2017

1:27 PM

20 April 2017

1:27 PM

Theresa May’s decision to hold a snap election in June has scuppered many MPs’ holiday plans — and one politician’s honeymoon. But now word reaches Steerpike that it will also have a negative effect on the Labour Party’s general wellbeing.

Yes, in what is perhaps the greatest tragedy of the snap election yet — the Labour party’s ‘Wellbeing Day’ has been called off. Announced on 11 April and scheduled for 10 May, there was palpable excitement among Labour staff over the event which promised to help Labour brains ‘bounce back from adversity’ and ‘steer calmly through the challenges’ ahead.

Attendees were promised treats such as the ‘smoothie bike’ and 10-minute massages:

Sadly, this is no more. Yesterday staffers received an email from HR under the subject ‘Staff General Election working arrangements’. It featured such news as: ‘All staff will be required to work a 6 day week’, ‘additional hours will be required to ensure work is completed within agreed time frames’ and that ‘all holidays must be cancelled until 9th June’.

Still, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. ‘Wellbeing activities’ will be rescheduled for after 9 June — presuming there’s enough Labour staff left to fill the places…

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