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Owen Jones discusses the ‘crisis of capitalism’ in a £1,000 jacket

10 April 2017

2:18 PM

10 April 2017

2:18 PM

They say a picture can paint a thousand words. So, it was a curious decision by Guardian columnist Owen Jones to wear a £1,080 jacket while discussing the ‘crisis of capitalism’ in an interview with GQ.

Discussing the path to true socialism in a wide-ranging interview with Alastair Campbell, Jones rallies against inequality and Tory cuts:

‘With the crash, the problem is a lot of social democratic parties accepted or implemented cuts. Spain, Greece – you saw a collapse in support.’

Jones — a former Corbyn cheerleader — goes on to say that he always harboured doubts about Jeremy Corbyn’s suitability as a leader:

AC: Did you ever think he [Corbyn] could win a general election and be prime minister?

OJ: I didn’t think any of them [leadership contenders] were capable. I didn’t think he would get on the ballot paper. When he did, I thought he would be fourth. I thought it would be bad; people would say the left were finished.

AC: You never thought he would win?

OJ: My view was it was very challenging indeed and there needed to be an attempt to make it work. I wrote a long babbling piece, I babble a lot.

AC: You thought he might win power.

OJ: I always thought it would be challenging.

While Jones has since attempted to put ‘jacket-gate’ to bed by pointing out that the jacket in question is not actually his (and he spent no money on it), Mr S suspects he would do well to pick his props with more care in future. After all, no-one thought that champagne socialists actually bought their own champagne…

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