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Coffee House General Election 2017 Steerpike

Labour’s only MP in Scotland gets off to a bad start campaigning

28 April 2017

3:21 PM

28 April 2017

3:21 PM

Oh dear. As the only Labour MP left in Scotland, Ian Murray has a fight on his hands come June to retain Edinburgh South. So, luckily he’s got his campaign material out early.

Only there’s a problem. Murray’s constituents have been sent a letter detailing why he is planning to stand for re-election. In a bid to impress them, he says he has listed ‘just some of my achievements’ on ‘the reverse of this letter’:

So, what’s on the other side?

Precisely nothing. ‘I’d believe that,’ remarks one unimpressed constituent.

Update: At least Murray has managed to see the funny side.

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