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George Osborne finds there’s no rest for the wicked

13 April 2017

9:09 PM

13 April 2017

9:09 PM

With George Osborne set to start his new part-time job as editor of the Evening Standard next month, the former chancellor could be forgiven for taking things easy for now and just focussing on his two other big jobs — as an advisor for Black Rock and the MP for Tatton. However, given that this is George – ‘six jobs’ – Osborne, it was never going to be the case.

The latest register of interests shows that Osborne has been busying himself of late giving speeches in Britain, Europe and the Middle East. And how much money did he earn in the process? A cool £155,136 for just 11 and a half hours work:


Still, these amounts may soon seem like small change when the next register reveals Osborne’s Evening Standard salary…

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