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The G7 proves too weak to hold Putin to account

11 April 2017

12:28 PM

11 April 2017

12:28 PM

The G7 has failed to agree on any new sanctions on Russia following the Syrian regime’s use of chemical weapons last week. This is a blow to Boris Johnson, who has been pushing hard for targeted sanctions on Russian and Syrian military figures thought to be linked to last week’s attacks.

But it is worth noting who blocked this push for new measures: the Italians and the Germans. Those who regularly say that the EU is the best way to stand up to Putin’s Russia and that Brexit is, therefore, a mistake, should reflect on this.

The Syrian regime is a client of Russia’s; most of Assad’s military success in recent months has been down to Moscow’s help. Putin must, therefore, take responsibility for the Syrian government’s behaviour. The G7, though, has proved too weak to hold Putin to account for the actions of his proxy.

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