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Former Bush aide: Corbyn is Trump’s secret weapon

14 April 2017

3:00 PM

14 April 2017

3:00 PM

As if Jeremy Corbyn wasn’t already getting it from all sides on the home front, the beleaguered Labour leader has come under a fresh line of an attack from a former Bush aide: propping up Donald Trump.

Yes, speaking on The Spectator Podcast, David Frum – senior editor at The Atlantic and former Bush administration staffer – accused the 21st century socialist of aiding Trump’s influence on the UK government… by failing to provide an adequate opposition. He said that ‘if Britain had a functioning opposition party… a Leader of the Opposition would be slamming the Prime Minister every day in the House of Commons’ for failing to condemn Sean Spicer’s accusations of British collaboration in wiretapping the President:

‘Luckily for Theresa May she doesn’t face such an opposition, but she may in the future, and there may be a price for humouring the madman in the corner because he has the strength of a gorilla.’

At current count, Corbyn stands accused of causing Brexit, destroying Labour and supporting the Trump administration. Perhaps the Labour leader can take heart that bad things come in threes…

To hear to the whole discussion, listen to the podcast here:

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