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Welsh secretary accidentally ‘unsacks’ Michael Heseltine

15 March 2017

5:03 PM

15 March 2017

5:03 PM

It’s not turning out to be a great day for the government. After announcing a u-turn on the NICs rise in last week’s Budget, Philip Hammond has spent the afternoon having to face down angry MPs in the Chamber. Now it turns out that a ‘clerical error’ has meant Michael Heseltine has been temporarily ‘unsacked’ from his post as a government advisor.

After the government sacked the Tory grandee last week over his Lords rebellion on Article 50, many were surprised today to receive a letter from the Welsh Secretary declaring that he was counting on the ‘expertise of Lord Heseltine’ for the upcoming City Deal for the Swansea Bay City Region. Mr S has since been assured it’s just a mistake — rather than the second u-turn of the day.


Don’t worry Theresa, it’s only two days until Friday…

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