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Question Time audience member on EU nationals: ‘Who would be serving our coffee in Pret?’

3 March 2017

9:57 AM

3 March 2017

9:57 AM

Oh dear. After the Lords rebellion this week on the status of EU nationals in the UK post Brexit, the issue looks set to continue to be a thorn in the government’s side. As Theresa May attempts to hold firm that it is a matter for the negotiations, one Question Time audience member on last night’s show from Bedford attempted to express her concerns over a Britain without EU nationals.

Alas, her comments soon hit a bum note when she appeared to imply that the reason EU nationals should be allowed to work in the UK is so that British people get their coffee on time:

‘For anyone who works in London: who would be serving our coffee in Pret? Who would be selling our sandwiches in Pret? You’re not going to get English people to take those jobs!’

Mr S hopes the matter is resolved at the early convenience for the concerned lady in question…

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