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Listen: Osborne applied for Standard job… after friends asked for help with their applications

18 March 2017

10:15 AM

18 March 2017

10:15 AM

Lesson No.1: Never ask George – ‘six jobs’ – Osborne for career advice. Or at least, never ask the former chancellor for career advice if you think it’s a job he could be tempted by.

On the Today programme this morning, Rohan Silva — the former No 10 SpAd — took to the airwaves to try and defend his one-time boss’s decision to take on the role of Evening Standard editor while also continuing as the MP for Tatton and as a £650k per annum advisor to BlackRock. Alas, despite his best efforts, Mr S suspects that Silva may have actually made the situation worse.

Explaining why Osborne had applied, Silva said the former chancellor had only got the idea after several friends called the MP for help on their own applications for the job:

RS: I was probably one of hundreds of people who called him up yesterday and said ‘where did that come from?’

JW: And what did he tell you actually about where it had come from?

RS: Yeah, he said a bunch of people had been calling him up asking him for advice on whether they should apply for the editorship job, and after a few of these calls he thought ‘hang on, actually, this is something I really want to do’. So he reached out.

With friends like these…

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