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What hard-left plot? Corbyn and Watson go on ‘away day’

20 March 2017

2:27 PM

20 March 2017

2:27 PM

This morning, Tom Watson kicked off the day with an appearance on Sky News, where he complained that the hard left are behind a secret Momentum plot to ‘take over the Labour party’ and secure a Corbynite as Jeremy Corbyn’s successor. The comments have provoked a bout of civil war in the shadow cabinet, with John McDonnell accusing Watson of dragging Labour into an unnecessary row.

With that in mind, it may well be a bit awkward the next time Watson runs into Corbyn and McDonnell. So, it’s a case of rather unfortunate timing that today is also Labour’s ‘shadow cabinet away day’. Yes, the entire shadow cabinet have decamped to an unknown location in London (natch) to take part in some team bonding and morale boosting activities. With both Watson and Corbyn in attendance no doubt the day will prove lively.

More as we get it…

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