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MP for Tatton takes up part-time job as… Evening Standard editor

17 March 2017

12:02 PM

17 March 2017

12:02 PM

Fraser Nelson, James Forsyth and Freddy Gray grapple with Osborne’s shock appointment:

In recent months, Mr S has kept readers up to date with the multiple jobs (and large salaries) George Osborne has taken up since returning to the back bench. Just last week, the former chancellor used Budget day to sneak out the news that he would be earning an extra £650,000 per annum in his part-time role as an advisor to BlackRock. However, Osborne’s latest job takes the biscuit.

Osborne has been announced as the new editor of the Evening Standard. Former Independent editor — and Lebedev sidekick — Amol Rajan managed to somehow bag the exclusive:

Although editing a daily newspaper might seem like a full-time job, Osborne is insisting he will continue in his role as the (London-centric) MP for Tatton. While staff at the paper are in shock, Mr S understands a number of Tory MPs are already planning to speak to the whips over the potential conflict of interest.

Still, should Osborne need to find a precedent, back in the 60s Ian Macleod served as editor of The Spectator between being Leader of the House and shadow chancellor. He kicked off his editorship by publishing a book review that dished on leadership contest that brought in Alec Douglas-Home. Will Osborne follow suit?

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