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Coffee House Steerpike

David Cameron cheers Osborne from the Whole Foods aisles

17 March 2017

4:25 PM

17 March 2017

4:25 PM

Today George Osborne has managed to get MPs and hacks alike in a spin over his appointment as the new Evening Standard editor. Giving an interview to the BBC at the paper’s headquarters in High Street Kensington, Osborne said he could see no issues balancing the role of MP with editor as he can do one in the morning and the other in the afternoon.

As Osborne celebrated his new job, it turns out his old colleague David Cameron was just around the corner — getting the weekly shop in at High Street Kensington Whole Foods. When an eagle-eyed hack spied the former prime minister browsing the ribs, they asked Cameron what he made of his mate’s new job. Dave replied that it was a ‘great move’.

Perhaps Osborne can help busy Cameron’s schedule with a few commissions?

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