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Corbynite MP sends the PLP into a spin

14 March 2017

9:51 AM

14 March 2017

9:51 AM

Following the Copeland by-election defeat, many in Labour have been left wondering whether Jeremy Corbyn is the right man to lead them into the next election. However, could it all really be the fault of the Parliamentary Labour Party? Mr S only asks after Kate Osamor — a key Corbyn ally — gave an interview to the Huffington Post, suggesting that many safe seats had been ‘neglected’ by long-serving MPs. The MP for Edmonton says that it’s up to the Parliamentary Labour Party to go knocking on doors, at least once a week, for an hour; ‘every MP should be doing that.’

Alas her comments have gone down like a cup of cold sick with the majority of the PLP. ‘She’s hardly leading by example,’ murmurs one disgruntled figure. Meanwhile Toby Perkins was at pains to point out over the weekend that Labour Chesterfield were out on the door step for over an hour.

So how does Osamor fare outside of London? Well, on visiting South Thanet, she thought ‘Oh my god, it’s Ukip land. I am really scared. I don’t want to go down there, oh no.’ She says she was particularly scared to get the train all on her own.

Mr S suspects her comments will do little to boost Labour support in the constituency.

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