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Boris Johnson and the Cursed Theatre Trip

19 March 2017

9:34 PM

19 March 2017

9:34 PM

Spare a thought for Boris Johnson. Ever since the Brexit vote, the Foreign Secretary has struggled with the often hostile reception he now receives in London from angry remain-ers. Now it seems things have got so bad that he can’t even enjoy a quiet night out at the theatre.

Thandie Newton — the Crash actress — tells the Sunday Times that her teenage daughter, Ripley, spotted Johnson in the audience on a recent trip to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child at the Palace Theatre. Alas Ripley doesn’t hold such a high opinion of the Conservative politician and she proceeded to seek him out to alert him to this fact:

‘She went over to say: “Hello, Mr Johnson, my name is Ripley Parker and I just wanted to tell you you’re a c—. I hope you enjoy the show.”’

While Newton says she is ‘so proud’ of her daughter’s actions, Mr S suspects Ripley has some way to go when it comes to mastering the art of good manners…

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