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Trousergate designer: Nicky Morgan broke my heart

13 February 2017

8:30 AM

13 February 2017

8:30 AM

Relations between Theresa May and Nicky Morgan took a turn for the worse last year after the former education secretary criticised the Prime Minister for wearing a £995 pair of trousers while claiming that she wanted to help those who are ‘just about managing’.

While the pair have since made — uneasy — peace, the woman behind the trousers is less than happy with Morgan over the incident. Speaking to the Sunday Times, Amanda Wakeley — who designed the now infamous trousers — says that Morgan ‘broke her heart’ by criticising another woman for her fashion choices:

‘What broke my heart about Nicky Morgan criticising the Prime Minister was that it was a woman doing it to another woman. Come on! Aren’t we bigger than that? Haven’t we got other issues to deal with? And anyway, I thought she looked great.’

Given that Wakeley goes on to say that she skis in Verbier and summers in St Tropez in order to fully understand her clients’ lifestyle, Mr S suspects that her intervention will do little to convince Morgan that May is in touch with the JAMs.

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