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Labour’s Stoke candidate gives his verdict on today’s female politicians

13 February 2017

10:18 PM

13 February 2017

10:18 PM

Oh dear. It’s safe to say that Labour’s candidate for the Stoke-on-Central by-election has not had a good day. After Guido published tweets in which Gareth Snell called a variety of women ‘sour-faced’ and ‘annoying’, the Sun revealed that he had said Deirdre from Coronation Street deserved a slap. Meanwhile, Mr S notes that Snell also found time to tweet an expletive-laden message telling Stephenie Meyer, the author of the Twilight book series, ‘f— you very much’.

So, what does Snell make of today’s female politicians and his potential colleagues?

Well, he has blasted Ukip’s Suzanne Evans for having the audacity to ‘moan’ about sleaze and sexism in the Tory party:

Claire Perry, the Conservative MP, is so bad that she makes him want to ‘pull out’ his teeth:

As for comrade Diane Abbott, Snell has called her stupid and mocked her for comparing herself to Barack Obama:

Don’t expect to see the shadow home secretary campaigning in Stoke anytime soon…

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