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SNP MP’s fake news

18 January 2017

1:22 PM

18 January 2017

1:22 PM

Although Theresa May’s speech revealing her plan for a global Britain was well-received by her party and much of the media yesterday, the SNP found much cause for concern. While Nicola Sturgeon has said May’s announcement that the UK will leave the single market makes a second independence referendum more likely, Paul Monaghan has a different interpretation.

The SNP MP has tweeted out what Theresa May has said ‘in her own words’ a hard Brexit would mean. It comes with a quote — attributed to May — claiming:

‘Yes, things will cost more. Yes, you’ll have to retire later. Yes, our standing in the world will decline.’


Only May said no such thing. The quote is — quite clearly — made-up.

Mr S suspects the SNP should direct some of their ire against ‘bias’ in the mainstream media, to the fake news epidemic taking over social media…

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