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Question Time’s golden moment

13 January 2017

8:52 AM

13 January 2017

8:52 AM

As David Dimbleby decamped to Solihull for the first Question Time of the year, it was Donald Trump’s washing habits that were top of the BBC news agenda. With an ‘unverified and potentially unverifiable’ document suggesting Russian spies have compromising information on the President-elect, Dimbleby began by asking the panel — comprised of David Lidington, Gisela Stuart, Arron Banks, Paul Mason and space scientist Monica Grady — whether Trump was fit to be president.

Alas Dimbleby struggled to keep a straight face as he asked Banks about his trip to the golden lift in Trump Tower:

DD: I’ll be careful what I say here, the golden lift…

AB: If you could not linger on the word golden…

DD: In the golden lift of Trump Tower, what were you talking about?

But the golden jibes didn’t end there as Banks attempted to give an account of his conversation with the president-elect. His suggestion that Paul Mason has more in common with Trump than the Corbynista thinks did not go down well:

AB: We talked, interestingly, about how he wants to distribute wealth from the rich to the poor in America. I think even Paul would have been at home there…

PM: Not his use of showers…

AB: That’s very naughty Paul you shouldn’t say that

However, Mason was not done there. The former Channel 4 economics editor went on to have the audience — and Banks — in stitches as he declared that the CIA know exactly what shade Trump likes his shower:

‘The CIA will know the details. They know what shade of gold the shower was.’

A productive hour had by all.

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