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Holy Smoke podcast: Are evangelical Christians being sucked into the cult of Trump?

20 January 2017

12:42 PM

20 January 2017

12:42 PM

Some Christians on the fundamentalist fringe think President Trump is ‘the new David’ who will turn the United States into a godly kingdom. More mainstream evangelical leaders, meanwhile, hope he can reverse the tide of American secularism, not least with Supreme Court appointments. Both groups are likely to be disappointed – but as Tim Stanley of the Daily Telegraph and the Spectator’s own Freddy Gray report on today’s Holy Smoke podcast, the 45th President of the United States is surrounded by the sort of extravagant expectations associated with cult leaders. This is a recipe for trouble.

Make sure you listen to the new episode: it’s a fascinating glimpse into the alliance between moral conservatives and (arguably) the most unapologetically materialist president in American history. He’s been sexually voracious, too, though of course he can’t hold a candle to Democrats Jack Kennedy and Bill Clinton. I was particularly taken by Freddy’s suggestion that evangelicals are secretly thrilled by Donald Trump’s sleazy reputation…

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