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Coffee House Shots: Jeremy Corbyn’s first interview of 2017

10 January 2017

10:58 AM

10 January 2017

10:58 AM

Ahead of a scheduled speech later on Tuesday, Jeremy Corbyn appeared on the Today Programme to outline the ideas he would be presenting in the afternoon. The Labour leader, however, veered somewhat off message, stating his support for a ‘maximum earnings limit’ and replacing the party’s new line – that they are ‘not wedded to freedom of movement for EU citizens as a point of principle’ – with a rambling condemnation of worker exploitation.

He also made it clear, if you hadn’t realised already, that he’s here for the long haul, telling John Humphrys that he has ‘a mandate to take the campaign to every part of the country – that’s what I’m going to be doing, and I’m going to enjoy doing it.’

Spectator Editor Fraser Nelson was joined by Political Editor James Forsyth and Assistant Editor Isabel Hardman to bring you the key moment’s from the interview along with their analysis.

You can listen here:

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