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BBC struggles with the N-word

9 January 2017

12:49 PM

9 January 2017

12:49 PM

Since Netflix released The Crown, the network has received much praise for its dramatisation of the Queen’s early years. In fact, the critical acclaim has led some screenwriters to declare that they would now rather write for Netflix than the BBC.

Happily, last night’s Golden Globe awards gave cause for celebration to both parties. While the BBC drama The Night Manager won several gongs, The Crown, too, came away triumphant — winning best television series while Claire Foy picked up the best actress gong for her performance as Queen Elizabeth II.

So, happy days? Perhaps not. Mr S was curious to hear that Netflix was not name-checked once this morning on Radio 4 in its coverage of the awards. While the presenters found plenty of opportunities to namecheck the BBC, Netflix was notably absent:

‘Three stars of the BBC thriller The Night Manager all won awards, while Claire Foy was named best actress in a drama TV series for her portrayal of the Queen in The Crown.’

And then again:

‘The BBC produced mini-series The Night Manager, an adaptation of the John le Carré novel, garnered acting trophies for Tom Hiddleston, High Laurie and Olivia Colman, whilst the TV series the Crown — about the early years of Queen Elizabeth II won the Golden Globe for best television drama.’

Last year Mr S reported that the Beeb had attacked ‘lavish’ Netflix for propagating ‘myths’ about the royal family. Is the BBC suffering from such a bad case of sour grapes that the N-word is now banned entirely?

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