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BBC attempts to woo the Scottish nationalists

3 January 2017

10:30 AM

3 January 2017

10:30 AM

During the Scottish independence referendum, BBC Scotland was regularly accused of showing bias against the SNP. The Beeb’s supposed pro-Union slant led Alex Salmond to brand its coverage ‘a disgrace’.

However, now it seems brains at the BBC are keen to get the Nats back on side. Donalda MacKinnon, BBC Scotland’s new director, has given an exclusive interview to The National — the pro-independence paper — in which she makes a play for the Scottish nationalists. MacKinnon promises to address the lack of trust felt by a ‘significant number’ of people following the independence referendum:


‘We take pride in the fact that the majority of our audiences still trust the BBC. However, there is a significant number still in Scotland whose trust we lost and I think there’s still a bit of work to be done in that regard. I think it’s part of my mission to try and address these perceptions, which may have led to that loss of trust.’

While MacKinnon is at it, perhaps she can also look at ways to reduce the online abuse BBC journalists receive from the cybernats for simply doing their jobs.

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