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Chris Leslie is no substitute for John McDonnell on Question Time

25 November 2016

2:42 PM

25 November 2016

2:42 PM

On Thursday night, John McDonnell had to pull out of an appearance on Question Time — alongside David Gauke, Tim Farron, Mariana Mazzucato and John Timpson — after coming down with the flu. Happily, his Labour comrade Chris Leslie — a former shadow chancellor — was on hand to step up to the plate at the last minute and take the vacant spot.

So, surely John McDonnell and his team were just delighted that Labour was still represented on the primetime show? Well, perhaps not. Mr S was intrigued to spy the social media activity of the shadow chancellor’s head of communications James Mills — who was previously linked to the leaking of a list of Labour MPs accused of abusing Corbyn. As the show aired, Mills retweeted a comment from Iain Dale, in which the radio host claimed he wanted to slit his wrists thanks to the panel being ‘about as inspiring as most of the audience’.


Good to see the Labour party resolving their differences…

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