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How ‘spiritual’ people are spreading anti-Jewish poison on Facebook: a vicar blows the whistle

28 October 2016

11:56 AM

28 October 2016

11:56 AM

Nazi-inspired conspiracy theories are gaining popularity among liberal Facebook users who think of themselves as ‘spiritual but not religious’.

That’s the claim made by the Rev Ravi Holy, a Church of England vicar from Kent, in the new episode of the Spectator’s Holy Smoke religion podcast. He’s alarmed and depressed by the anti-Semitic conspiracy theories that his own middle-class friends are trying to force on him.

And it also awakens uncomfortable memories. As a young man, Ravi was a punk, an anarchist, a drug user – and a passionate conspiracy theorist who (unaware of the Nazi roots of some of his ideas) believed that the world was controlled by the Illuminati.

You can hear my fascinating interview with him here:

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