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Notting Hill set splits in two – ‘it’s agony’

17 October 2016

8:55 AM

17 October 2016

8:55 AM

Since the EU referendum result led to David Cameron’s resignation, the former Prime Minister’s friendship groups have experienced a change of fortune. While the Chipping Norton set have simply found themselves cut out, over in Notting Hill they are turning on one another.

In fact, things have got so bad that Cameron’s friends are no longer able to invite the whole gang to their infamous dinner parties. In an interview with the Times, Simon Sebag Montefiore — the historian at the heart of the Notting Hill set — bemoans the fact that Michael Gove’s decision to back Leave has now led to the group splitting into two camps of  #TeamDave and #TeamGove. ‘It’s been very difficult. It’s a very sensitive subject, agony really,’ Sebag says. ‘But we’re not in politics so it’s less complicated for us than for some.’

Of course with Cameron currently residing outside W11 — as he waits for his tenants to vacate — Gove can take heart that he is the only one who can claim geographically to still be a part of the once omnipotent set.

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