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Jacob Rees-Mogg longs for the common touch

4 October 2016

9:48 AM

4 October 2016

9:48 AM

Jacob Rees-Mogg has been looking mightily pleased with himself at this year’s Conservative party conference. After the arch-Brexiteer spent years calling for Britain to leave the European Union, his wish was finally granted in June.

However, he sill has work to do when it comes to convincing Remain-ers that Brexit will be a good thing. At a Politeia fringe event, Mogg recounted being teased on Question Time for suggesting Britain could get a good trade deal from Europe because French farmers still wanted to flog their champagne to Brits. It turns out that example was ‘too posh’ for some.

So, Mogg revealed his new example to appeal to the common man: claret. This time, he said, it was clear the French still wanted to sell claret to Brits. But alas, that example was still too posh for one member of the audience: his fellow Brexiteer John Redwood:

‘Claret’s posh, red wine, Jacob’

‘I’m being heckled by my own panel’, said Mogg.

Maybe next time, Mr S suggests, Mogg could stick to using French lager as his case in point.

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