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Arron Banks revisits old wounds

22 October 2016

10:00 AM

22 October 2016

10:00 AM

During the EU referendum, there was a fierce contest between Vote Leave and Grassroots Out over which would win the official designation to campaign for Out. In the end, it went to Vote Leave — after it was decided that they held the widest cross-party support.

Part of the issue was that the majority of eurosceptic Conservative MPs backed Vote Leave. This was down — in part — to an unhelpful interview, Grassroots Out’s Arron Banks gave to the Times. The Ukip donor struck a low note when he accused David Cameron of using his late disabled son Ivan as a prop over NHS policy. At the time, the comments were put down to the Ukip donor having one too many during the interview. So, has time healed old wounds? Apparently not.

In the Brexit Club — by Owen Bennett — Banks revisits his comments, stating that he stands by them. ‘Nah, I don’t regret it because it’s true,’ he says. ‘When you are worth £70million you don’t have to rely on the NHS for your child and to have your wife in the audience(in party conference) crying is a bunch of bollocks.’

With Banks currently threatening to walk away from Ukip following its recent leaderships, Mr S suspects he ought not to look to the Conservatives for a new home.

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