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Theresa May: We have selection in state schools already, selection by house price

7 September 2016

9:00 PM

7 September 2016

9:00 PM

Theresa May received the traditional desk banging reception when she addressed the 1922 Committee of Tory backbenchers. May pleased Tory MPs by emphasising that they  would have more opportunity to feed into policy making process now through George Freeman and the policy board and the green papers that will—once again—precede white papers.

But what most excited Tory MPs was what May said about opportunity and grammar schools. May said that she would give a speech on a 21st century education system soon, explaining how selective schools–in other words, grammars–fit into the mix. Strikingly, she defended an ‘element of selection’ arguing that there is selection already in the system, and it is selection by house price.

One of the stories of this evening was the dog that didn’t bark; no Tory MP pushed May hard for details on what she meant by Brexit. Instead, the discussion about Brexit was all very vague: talk about how the relationship with the EU would be a new one and the global opportunities Brexit offered. The fact that no Tory pushed May for details on Brexit suggests that Tory MPs are, for now, prepared to give her time to work out her negotiating position.

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