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The Spectator at the Conservative party conference

30 September 2016

4:51 PM

30 September 2016

4:51 PM

Theresa May might have realised her goal of stepping into Number 10, but the path ahead will not be easy. Her new government will have to deal with a floundering NHS, gaping inequality between the rich and the poor and mounting pressure to lay out its plan for Britain outside of the EU. The Spectator’s editor Fraser Nelson will chair three fringe events at the Conservative party conference about the future of Britain under Theresa May’s new government.

Solving poverty the Conservative way

poverty-fringe-240x170The first event will be a chance to discuss Theresa May’s pledge outside Downing Street to address inequality in the UK. It will be held on 3 October at 1 pm and is sponsored by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. Heidi Allen MP, a member of the work and pensions committee, Lord James O’Shaughnessy, senior fellow at the Legatum Institute, Andy Silvester, head of campaigns and public affairs at the Institute of Directors, and Julia Unwin, CEO of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, will talk about the opportunities to tackle poverty under a Conservative government. Housing, employment and education will be key areas of discussion. Will Theresa May manage to keep her promise to create a more equal society? And what are the best ways to narrow the gap between the rich and the poor?

NHS liberalisation: Conservatism’s final frontier?

health-fringe-240x170Under David Cameron’s premiership, large numbers of NHS contracts have gone to the private sector, but the former PM always denied that he wanted to privatise the NHS entirely. However, there are growing concerns that it might not be sustainable to continue funding an ageing and growing population. At 6 pm on 3 October, Benenden will sponsor a panel discussion with speakers James Bartholomew, author of The Welfare of Nations, Dr John Giles, medical director at Benenden, Andrea Jenkyns, MP on the Health select committee, and Dr Rachel Joyce, NHS doctor and former advisor to the shadow health secretary. The panellists will discuss whether the Conservative Party is moving towards full privatisation of the NHS, and what the consequences of such a move might be.

Free to go global: opportunities in a post-Brexit Britain

bounce-240x170But the biggest challenge for Theresa May is undoubtedly the enormous task of pulling the UK out of the EU, and negotiating new trade deals with the block and other countries around the globe. The Spectator and Sky will host a panel discussion on 4 October at 6 pm, bringing together The Hon Tony Abbott MP, former Prime Minister of Australia, David Davis MP, secretary of state for exiting the EU, Andrew Griffith, group chief operating officer and chief financial officer at Sky, and Dr Philippa Malmgren, author and founder of DRPM Group. The panellists will offer their views on the opportunities presented by the Brexit vote and the future of British business and trade outside of the EU. Watch on Facebook Live from 6 pm.

Click here to register your attendance if you are interested in attending any of these events. Tickets are free, on a first-come, first-served basis. 


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