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Is Seumas Milne about to be shown the back door?

28 September 2016

12:36 AM

28 September 2016

12:36 AM

Oh dear. It’s not been a great conference for Seumas Milne. Jeremy Corbyn’s director of comms managed to make himself the story this week after he altered Clive Lewis’s speech on Trident at the last minute. The shadow Defence Secretary was said to be so angry over the changes that he punched a wall after the speech.

So, Mr S was curious to hear a rumour swirling around Labour conference this evening. The talk of conference is that Milne’s departure is imminent with suggestions his last day could be as soon as Friday. While sources close to Milne insist to Mr S that this is not the case, several party insiders are adamant he is on the way out within the next month. Meanwhile brains at the Guardian inform Steerpike that Milne is in discussions with the paper regarding his leave coming to an end.

No doubt if Milne does return, hacks at the Grauniad will be glad to have him back on side.

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