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Jeremy Corbyn donates fruits of his labour to Momentum

14 September 2016

9:14 AM

14 September 2016

9:14 AM

In the aftermath of ‘traingate‘, one of the most striking things about the incident was not that Jeremy Corbyn had a seat despite claims to the contrary, but that the Labour leader and his team kept providing conflicting versions of events. Although Corbyn eventually admitted he had just wanted to sit next to his wife, this was only after his representatives had told hacks that the issue was not that he couldn’t find two unreserved seats next to each other.

In the end, this communications breakdown was put down to Corbyn… making jam. A source told the Guardian that the ‘leader was impossible to reach for some time on Tuesday because he was making jam’. While some suggested this excuse untrue, it seems the fruits of Corbyn’s Labour have now surfaced. Momentum are holding a ‘rock and roll social’ on Thursday to raise money for the upcoming ‘World Transformed’ festival. At the event, there will be the chance to take part in the ‘first ever JAM RAFFLE, where you could win three jars of Jeremy Corbyn’s HOMEMADE JAM!’:


Mr S just hopes the event proves more popular than the last World Transformed fundraiser. After all, Steerpike wouldn’t want Corbyn’s efforts to go to waste.

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