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Falkland Islands’ pitch to Jeremy Corbyn falls on deaf ears

26 September 2016

7:32 PM

26 September 2016

7:32 PM

In a crowded field, one of Jeremy Corbyn’s more controversial suggestions during his time as Labour leader has been putting forward the idea of a ‘power sharing deal’ with Argentina over the Falkland Islands. That plan was called a ‘repugnant surrender’ by war hero Simon Weston, while Michael Fallon said Corbyn posed a bigger threat to the Falklands than the Argentine navy.

Yet that hasn’t put off the Falkland Islands Government from turning up at Labour’s party conference this year with a stall. Alas, it seems, the Falkland Island Government’s hopes of speaking to Corbyn have so far fallen on deaf ears. Mr S hears from a Falkland Islander working on the stall:

‘We’d love the opportunity to present the other side to Corbyn…we’ve been very keen for it to happen and we’ve extended the invitation a number of times, I don’t think he’s going to be dropping by and chatting to us, which is sad…’

Given that their stall is ideally placed right outside the conference hall, Mr S hopes they manage a chance encounter with the Labour leader.

It seems that even by the final day of Labour’s conference, Jeremy Corbyn still hasn’t found time to drop by the Falklands Islands’ stall:

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