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Why Brexit has the X Factor

29 August 2016

4:54 PM

29 August 2016

4:54 PM

Since the British people voted for Brexit in June, there has been a sense of disbelief among luvvies. While Charlotte Church has demanded her ‘f—ing European Union back’, Mr S’s colleague Lloyd Evans reports that the comedy at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe harboured a ‘pleb-hating mood’ when it came to the referendum result.

So, Mr S was pleased to learn that the same cannot be said for everyone in show-business. In an interview with the Sunday Times Magazine, Sharon Osbourne — the X Factor judge and wife of Ozzy Osbourne — outs herself as a Brexiteer. What’s more, Osbourne — who was born in Brixton — says that she decided to vote for Leave as ‘there are too many people in a tiny country’:

‘I go back to England every four to six months and it’s becoming like Hong Kong — so overpopulated, so congested. There are too many people in a tiny country. There are classrooms of 40 kids, the NHS is in the toilet, the education system is in the toilet. I say take care of your own people first.’

Osbourne hopes that Brexit will mean that British people — and their traditions — will be prioritised:

‘I don’t have anything against any religion or any person, but the country is overloaded. Everybody loved England because we were unique. We had traditions, we had style. Everybody wanted to come and ride on a bus, and everybody wanted to go and see the palace and blah, blah, blah.’

Alas Osbourne’s direct approach to talking about immigration has already upset some of her fans, who have expressed dismay at her comments. However if anyone has reason to be offended by the interview, Mr S suspects it’s Sir Philip Green. Discussing the current BHS pensions row, she says that both her and her husband Ozzy thought Green would ‘come unstuck’. Why? He had a ‘f—ing hoof for a doorstop’.

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