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Watch: John Bercow lets the Beast of Bolsover’s ‘dodgy Dave’ comment slide

6 July 2016

12:48 PM

6 July 2016

12:48 PM

In April, Dennis Skinner was ejected by the Speaker from the Commons after he called the Prime Minister ‘dodgy Dave’. However, today John Bercow appeared to feel no need to discipline the Beast of Bolsover for using the term at PMQs.

When asking David Cameron to help him find the funding for a hospital in his constituency, Skinner suggested this could give way to some positive press for the PM. However, there was a snag in the likely headline:

‘The press might have a headline saying: “the Prime Minister dodgy Dave assists the Beast to save the bolts of a hospital”. What a temptation!’

Perhaps now the Prime Minister is on the way out, Bercow no longer feels the need to protect Cameron’s reputation.

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