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Watch: Andrea Leadsom’s march of the zombies

7 July 2016

1:39 PM

7 July 2016

1:39 PM

As Andrea Leadsom’s leadership campaign has progressed, a number of holes have surfaced when it comes to the Brexit champion’s suitability to be leader. In fact, Leadsom’s campaign was dealt a significant blow yesterday when it surfaced that she had amplified her CV somewhat.

Today Leadsom’s supporters are keen to show that they still stand by their candidate. To do this, an army of fans have embarked on a Leadsom march around Parliament. Alas the march hit a few snags which resulted in it bearing a closer resemblance to a march of the zombies than a victorious PR exercise.

Firstly, Leadsom was nowhere to be seen. Secondly, no one involved in the march — which included Bill Cash, Theresa Villiers and Penny Mourdant  — appeared to have much experience of… marching. What followed were some rather awkward scenes as her supporters — dressed in suits and pearls — had a stab at chanting:

‘What do we want? Leadsom for leader!

When do we want it? Now!’

Mr S suspects Leadsom’s gang ought to leave the marching to the Corbynistas in future.

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