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March against democracy, part II: the Brexiteers strike back

11 July 2016

10:00 AM

11 July 2016

10:00 AM

At the march against democracy last weekend, tens of thousands of people wandered the streets of London, desperately trying to work out what democracy meant as they tried to call for the result of the referendum to be overturned.

Now the Brexiteers are fighting back. However, instead of marching for democracy, the 20 or so campaigners were standing relatively still for democracy outside the Mishcon de Reya offices. The law firm have been in the news of late thanks to their attempt to launch legal action to make sure that the formal negotiations to leave the EU aren’t started without an act of parliament.

The demonstration was organised by ‘Invoke article 50 now!’, a campaign group organised by Spiked. Alas the lawyers weren’t so keen on this attempt at direct action. One irate litigator complained to Steerpike that ‘people don’t understand that we’re not trying to stop article 50 being triggered, just making sure that it happens properly and legally’.

However, given that the referendum would always have had to go through parliament anyway, Steerpike wonders if all the very successful and intelligent people funding this action are a tad misguided.

One passer-by summed up Mr S’s feelings on the matter; ‘I mean, I wanted Wales to beat Portugal the other night, but I’m not going to launch legal action to get it overturned’.

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