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David Cameron’s Mr Darcy moment

19 July 2016

12:16 PM

19 July 2016

12:16 PM

It’s been a difficult month for David Cameron, who has gone from holding the most powerful office in the country to being a backbench MP. Happily Mr S understands that he is now able to look back fondly on his greatest achievements so far from his time in politics. One of which involves being a Conservative heart-throb.

Speaking at the 30th anniversary celebration of Patrick McLoughlin’s time as an MP last week in Chatsworth, Cameron recalled ‘the nicest thing’ that any woman has ever said him. The MP for Witney said that he had previously visited Chatsworth on a summer’s day when he was campaigning for the Tory leadership election:

‘The reason I remember it so well is that her Grace [Deborah Devonshire nee Mitford] said to me the nicest thing that any woman has ever said to me ever in my life. I want to share it with you.’

It turns out that Cameron’s arrival by helicopter caught the Duchess’s attention:

‘The helicopter came over the top of the moors and came towards Chatsworth and landed on this beautiful day just by the lake. I got out of this helicopter and as I walked towards the Duchess I said:

“It’s such an honour to be here it’s a beautiful evening and as I landed by that lake I thought that there was going to be a moment when Mr Darcy emerged from it in a wet shirt”.’

Her reply? ‘Mr Cameron, we don’t need Mr Darcy because we’ve got you.’

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