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Corbyn campaign website sends a mixed message

21 July 2016

4:33 PM

21 July 2016

4:33 PM

With Owen Smith now Jeremy Corbyn’s official challenger in the leadership election, the pair will spend the summer campaigning ahead of the September vote. Thankfully Corbyn has a shiny new leadership website titled ‘Jeremy4Leader’ to help him do exactly this.


However, judging by the main photo one could be forgiven for thinking it was a site for the Socialist Workers Party. Although the site is designed to ‘help get Jeremy re-elected as Labour leader’, in the photo — from a march in support of Corbyn — there are several SWP placards as well as a charming sign with a picture of Hilary Benn — and the caption ‘chat sh–, get sacked’:


The chances of uniting the party after the leadership election look slimmer by the day.

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