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BBC staff ‘whoop and cheer’ John Whittingdale’s sacking

14 July 2016

11:05 AM

14 July 2016

11:05 AM

During John Whittingdale’s tenure as Culture Secretary, the Tory MP has proved to be the thorn in the BBC’s side. So, it’s safe to say that some Beeb employees will be breathing a sigh of relief that Whitto has today been sacked from the Cabinet.

However, it appears that staff at the Beeb have actually gone a bit further than just expressing mild relief. A BBC journalist claims that the newsroom actually erupted into ‘whoops and cheers’ on hearing the news that Whitto had lost his job:


Although the hack has since deleted his tweet, this will only fuel concerns that the impartial Beeb isn’t so impartial after all when it comes to the Conservative government.

Update: The journalist now claims it was all a joke

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