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Breaking: Stuart Rose manages to be of help to Remain

21 June 2016

2:00 PM

21 June 2016

2:00 PM

It’s fair to say that Stuart Rose has not been of huge help to Remain in the EU referendum. Despite being tasked with heading up ‘Britain Stronger in Europe’, Rose has made a series of comments that have boosted the other side. Meanwhile in recent weeks he has retreated from the media spotlight, instead seeking solace in private members’ clubs.

Happily, Mr S can now report that Rose has managed to be of assistance to the In campaign in the form of cold, hard cash. A man by the name of Stuart Rose has popped up in the Electoral Commission’s summary of recent donations. Rose contributed £24,756 to the cause. The retail supremo has even donated a further £10,000 to We Are Europe, the website aimed at rallying younger voters to vote Remain.

Mr S commends Rose on finding a way to be of use to the campaign.

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