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Sam Cam’s sister vows never to vote Tory again if Leave win

19 June 2016

9:01 PM

19 June 2016

9:01 PM

There’s a lot at stake for David Cameron when it comes to the EU referendum. As well as having to try to mend party divisions, a vote for Brexit could bring an end to Cameron’s time as Prime Minister. Now he has another problem to deal with should the nation vote to leave — his sister-in-law will never vote for his party again.

Although Cameron can at least count on Emily Sheffield’s support in the EU referendum, this will change if Leave win. Samantha Cameron’s sister — who is the deputy editor of Vogue — has been doing her best of late to motivate voters to back Remain. Alas if things don’t go to plan on Thursday, she has vowed to never vote for the Tories again.

After viewing Vote Leave’s party political broadcast, the fashion journalist has accused the group of peddling a ‘mix of lies, fantasy and racism’ — concluding that their irresponsible campaigning means she would not be able to support the Tories if Out triumph on Thursday:


Alas her phrasing may do little to tempt Eurosceptics to her cause. In a tweet she has since deleted, Sheffield says that today’s youth need to vote Remain to stop the country becoming ‘little inward England’. She has also urged her followers to not let the ‘little Islanders win’:


While Mr S commends Sheffield for taking on an active role in the debate, Steerpike suspects she ought to refrain from belittling her country or Out-ers if she hopes to convince swing voters to plump for Remain.

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