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Hapless Remain chief makes a comeback… to attend fashion bash

15 June 2016

10:52 AM

15 June 2016

10:52 AM

With the Remain camp now seen to be lagging behind Leave both in terms of momentum and polling, it’s a case of all hands on deck with the In crowd. However, as Mr S has previously noted, Britain Stronger in Europe’s chairman Stuart Rose has been nowhere to be seen of late. After a number of embarrassing slips — from claiming wages would rise if Britain leaves the EU to forgetting the name of his own group — Rose has retreated from the limelight.

However as polling day nears, Remain-ers can take heart that he has made a return to the spotlight. Only rather than getting out on the campaign trail, Rose instead decided to go to a fashion party at Mark’s Club for London Collections. Rose joined Caroline Rush, Tommy Hilfiger and Lord and Lady Myners for the Fung LCM Dinner at David Cameron’s favoured private members’ club on Friday night:


Fung Retailing Group LCM Dinner

Sun-kissed and smiling, one could be forgiven for thinking that the troubles of the Remain camp look far from Rose’s mind. Still, this could just be the beginning of Rose’s comeback. Today he has broken his media silence to tell the Guardian that he was ‘misquoted‘ on his wage comments. If Rose hopes to win over voters to Remain, Mr S suspects it will take a lot more than this to turn the tide.

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