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PMQs: Corbyn highlights Tory divisions, but Cameron knows he needs Labour

8 June 2016

1:52 PM

8 June 2016

1:52 PM

With the EU referendum just weeks away, Jeremy Corbyn is now trying to exploit Tory divisions over the issue. At PMQs today, he invited Cameron to attack both Priti Patel and Michael Gove. The Labour leader also criticised the whole decision to suspend collective responsibility.

Cameron, aware of how much he needs Labour’s help between now and June 23rd, didn’t reply by highlighting Labour divisions over Trident or any other issue. However, as one listened to Cameron pointing out where his government had gone beyond the EU minimum on workers’ rights, one was reminded that the idea there’ll be no paid holiday if we leave the EU is just nonsense.

Cameron faced a fair amount of blue on blue fire in the session from Tory outers. But he didn’t shy away from making his case. But I do wonder if Cameron attacking the idea of ‘Little England’ is sensible. If you don’t know the history of the phrase, it sounds like him denigrating England.

But, perhaps, the moment when Cameron sounded most uncomfortable in the session was when he was asked about his ‘no ifs, no buts’ pledge on a third runway at Heathrow from 2009. Cameron simply replied that a decision would be taken this summer.

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