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Jeremy Corbyn sparks anti-Semitism row… at Labour’s anti-Semitism inquiry press conference

30 June 2016

12:52 PM

30 June 2016

12:52 PM

Given that Jeremy Corbyn set-up Labour’s anti-Semitism inquiry to examine the extent of the problem in the party, he will have been hoping that it would help resolve the crisis. In fact, given that Shami Chakrabarti’s inquiry concluded today that the Labour Party is not overrun by anti-Semitism or other forms of racism (though there is an ‘occasionally toxic atmosphere’) you could be forgiven for thinking it’s done exactly that.

Alas things haven’t gone quite to plan today thanks to… Jeremy Corbyn. Speaking at the press conference, Corbyn concluded:

‘Our Jewish friends are no more responsible for the actions of Israel or the Netanyahu government than our Muslim friends are for those of various self-styled Islamic states or organisations’

Unsurprisingly not everyone is so impressed with the Labour leader seemingly comparing Israel to ISIS. In fact, one such figure says they have just reported Corbyn to the Labour Party Compliance Unit over his comment:

Thankfully Corbyn has since made clear that — despite his words — he was not comparing Israel to the Islamic State; ‘of course I’m not’. That’s that settled then.


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